Greening Hollywood TV

Greening Hollywood TV - We report on all the GREEN action, from Red Carpets, Film Sets, Awards Galas, Seminars, Conferences, Film Festivals...from the Front Lines to the Side Lines

Paige Donner reporting for Greening Hollywood TV from Global Green USA Pre - Oscar Event Location 2007

Paige Donner interviews Matt Peterson, CEO of Global Green USA for Greening Hollywood TV.

Paige reports for Greening Hollywood TV on Water: The New Energy Crisis

Disney Kids Go Green!  Paige interviews the Jonas Brothers on the Disney Studio Backlot just before they go onstage to perform at a special benefits concert in support of Disney's Environmentality for invited guests and other child celebrities.   Read More on Greening Hollywood.

Paige Donner reports from the Academy Awards Red Carpet at the Kodak Theater 2009

Paige interviews Green Celebrity and Co-Star of Living With Ed, Winner of 2010 EMA Awards, Rachelle Carson-Begley.  

Rachelle moderated a Speaker's panel for the Greening Hollywood Guild by Guild Seminar and Conference that Paige produced in Santa Monica for the members of the Hollywood Makeup and Hairstylists' Guild and Union. 

More Academy Red Carpet Coverage by Paige Donner for Greening Hollywood TV. Read more on

Green With Music - Greening Hollywood TV at the Grammys 2008

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