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Greening Hollywood TV 

Where Entertainment Meets Green


Paige at Universal Studios, Hollywood, California

Greening Hollywood was founded by 

Paige Donner, who has been an entertainment

 journalist and environmental consultant 

since the early 90s. 

This is what Greening Hollywood is all about: Care for all the Earth's creatures and our native habitats.

To stay informed about environmental issues and key action points, please go to Eco Consulting * Eco Media and also see The Green Blog Network. 

Greening Hollywood's mission is to bring into focus environmental challenges and to highlight actions that can steer our stewardship of the Earth in a more positive, conscientious direction.

Your voice and efforts are always welcome so be sure to say Hello!

Working Together Towards A More Eco Friendly World


Greening Hollywood is lucky to count a number of celebrities as kindred spirits aligned with a more environmentally Friendly Hollywood film and television production community

 Leonardo DiCaprio speaks in support of  environmental campaigns.

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